Architectural Services

We work with our clients from the beginning to tailor our services to each projects specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your project and our services in greater detail. Our typical Architectural Design Services consist of four phases, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, and Construction Administration.

Schematic Design establishes your programmatic and aesthetic wants and needs and begins to explore them on paper. We will develop a couple schemes and ideas that work to meet your program.  Drawings are often hand-sketches, diagrammatic floor plans and elevations to give you an idea of the overall conceptual design.  The goal is to develop a final concept to move forward with.

Design Development expands on the schematic drawings and delves into greater detail. The goal is to refine the size, details and aesthetic of the project. We will work with you to refine the architectural plans and elevations, material selection and building systems. We often use these development plans for project planning and preliminary pricing.

Construction Documents are a full set of drawings used to price, bid and build your project. Construction Documents contain all the necessary drawings, descriptions, dimensions and annotations for your entire project. Construction Documents typically consist of floor plans, foundation and framing plans, elevations, building sections, construction details, electrical / lighting plans and schedules for the construction of your project.

Contract Administration involves regular site visits to review progress thru construction. Oversight of construction in accordance with the Architectural Drawings. It entails reviewing shop drawings and samples and providing construction sketches as needed. The goal is to ensure quality and design intent are followed throughout the project.

CD Deliverables

  • Floor & Roof Plans
  • Exterior & Interior Elevations
  • Building / Wall Sections
  • Construction Details
  • Window / Door Schedules
  • Stone details and fireplace elevations
  • Electrical & Lighting Plans
  • HVAC coordination and layout
  • Specifications
  • Structural work will be in coordination with a Licensed Structural Engineering Consultant (separate consultant fee, can be estimated after schematic design)
  • Foundation & floor framing plans
  • Structural details and wall sections
  • Coordination with a surveyor on site plans involving septic design, drainage and house layouts. 

Deliverables can be customized based on projects specific needs